Military veterans make great police officers

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Did CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Say Military Veterans Can’t Be Trusted with Authority?

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Some may require a mental health screening before returning them to full spectrum. Essay about Military Veterans Make Great Police Officers years in the United States Marine Corps, believes military veterans make great police officers because of the skill sets they develop over the course of their military careers.

Jan 30,  · Police officers and military veterans are kindred spirits. Both wear their uniforms with pride. Both don their uniforms to be part of a larger team of professionals protecting those who can't protect themselves at great personal risk. Mar 30,  · The only time most of America’s law enforcement officers, military veterans or not, are required to sit for a mental health analysis is when they first apply to join a police force, and the rigor of the screening varies widely.

Claim: CNN reporter Brooke Baldwin said "don&#;t hire veterans, they can&#;t be trusted with authority."Mixture. Veterans possess a high level of discipline, integrity, and responsibility: There is great pride in doing your job in the military and doing it to the best of your ability.

Service members enjoy a. Law enforcement is an area of work that is a natural transition for military veterans. It requires many of the same skills that made you successful in the military, like .

Military veterans make great police officers
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