Love and great cook

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God Is Love

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Love Like Salt

Hey there, Great post! I didn’t love to cook either, but the shopping was definatrely appealing:) I’m an artsy kind of person so seeing it as an art form has helped me.

It's an incredibly simple dish that has a great presentation. Plus, if you're cooking for one, it's easy to make a batch and only cook one or two, and then freeze the rest.

(Image credit: Kimberley Hasselbrink). This beautiful wood cook stove is ideal for heating small places like a garage, cabin, or ski lodge, as well as for cooking your favorite dishes.

Marlene Koch is the award-winning author of numerous cookbooks including Eat What You Love and the New York Times bestseller, Eat More of What You Love.A regular guest on QVC, Marlene is a registered dietitian and culinary expert known for her extraordinary ability to deliver good health, with great taste!

Ok, so you aren't going to use this cook book to make your sunday dinners, but this book is a BLAST. The recipes are beyond what you would find in your run of the mill cook book, and you'll finally feel like you're pushing the boundaries and finding new flavors.

Love and great cook
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