Essay on how to keep our city clean

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Essay on Keeping My City Beautiful

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Essay On How To Keep Our City Clean And Green

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Essay on Keeping My City Beautiful

Straight while travelling or ensuring we used to throw papers and squares wrappers on roads. Precision of the body is very helpful for our physical and mental health.

can keep our city clean only if the people of our city think like us. Without public cooperation we cannot achieve anything. So first to keep our city clean there should be a huge awareness to the public via various mass media and news papers. Simple, but important steps should be taken by us to keep our city clean: • While traveling doesn't throw any wrapper, paper or any dry waste on road.

Simple Steps To Keep Our City Clean

Keep it in your bag or pocket (as it is a dry waste you can keep them in your bag/pocket). How to keep clean: In order to keep ourselves neat and clean, we should properly take daily care of ourselves, of our articles of use, of our dwellings and surroundings and of our neighborhood.

We should clean our teeth and tongues two times a day in the morning and before going to bed. So first to keep our city clean there should be a huge awareness to the public via various mass media and news papers. Also the government should take major role in conducting awareness programs to public and also introduce new rules if necessary.

Jul 21,  · Keeping Our Cities Clean Mountain Keeping our Cities Clean a)Residents in the community must ban together to keep it clean and free from run down abandoned property.

b)Many of the communities in the town close to mine are filled with debris and abandoned houses. Biology Essay city because of the many authorities that run the city and the important jobs they have to keep the city filtering old water to new clean water.

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Essay on how to keep our city clean
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