Charlemagne vs alfred the great

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What are somethings Charlemagne and Alfred the Great have in common?

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King Alfred of Wessex (r) is probably the best known of all Anglo-Saxon rulers, even if the first thing to come into many people’s minds in connection with. Taught by Professor Dorsey Armstrong | 30 min | Categories: The Great Courses Plus Online Philosophy & Religion Courses Now, investigate the remarkable partnership between the British scholar Alcuin of York and the Frankish emperor Charlemagne in creating a palace school and.

Charlemagne vs. Alfred Both Charlemagne and Alfred had a lot of conquests and many victories. They were both highly praised emperors by their people and other kings.

Alfred the Great

They were both intellectual and knew how to keep a big empire thriving, almost as good as the Romans. They were also both devoted to their religion and wanted to get as many people to convert to Christianity.

Dec 04,  · Charlemagne and Alfred the Great are related I believe, but I don't know about Henry VIII. You can find Charlemagne's genealogy at I know because I'm Status: Resolved.

Carolingian Empire

William 9 III, The Great of Aquitaine (William 8 11, Ironarm of Poitou, William 7 1, Towhead of Poitou, Ebalus 6 Manger, The Bastard of Poitou, Ranulf 5 11, Count of Poitou, Ranulf 4 1, Count of Poitou, Hildegard 3, Louis 2 1, The Pious and the Debonair, Charlemagne 1) was born abt.and died January 31, /30 in Abbey of Saint Cyprian.

Charlemagne is also known as “Charles the Great.” He was the most famous ruler in the Middle Ages. He was the most famous ruler in the Middle Ages. He was the king of the Franks from and the emperor of the Romans from

Charlemagne vs alfred the great
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England, A History of; ALFRED THE GREAT